Flower That Bloom All Summer

flower that bloom all summer

  • spend the summer; "We summered in Kashmir"

  • the period of finest development, happiness, or beauty; "the golden summer of his life"

  • The warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February

  • The period from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox

  • the warmest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox; "they spent a lazy summer at the shore"

  • Years, esp. of a person's age

  • Come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish

  • produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

  • (of fire, color, or light) Become radiant and glowing

  • Produce flowers; be in flower

  • blooming: the organic process of bearing flowers; "you will stop all bloom if you let the flowers go to seed"

  • flower: reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

flower that bloom all summer - 100 Poppy

100 Poppy Flower Seeds Everblooming Atlanticum Poppies

100 Poppy Flower Seeds Everblooming Atlanticum Poppies

Papaver Atlanticum. Everblooming Poppy. Just Wonderful! Will bloom the 1st year from an early Spring sowing. Will bloom Profusely all Summer, up until frost. So pretty and colorful all season long. Unlike other poppies, the soft green foliage stays beautiful even after the plants have finished blooming! Poppies are the most accommodating garden plants, vigorous and free flowing and succeeding on light or heavy garden soils, indeed any soil, provided that it is not waterlogged. Bold and brashy, they will make a spectacular feature in your garden! Simply beautiful! A fantastic show! These brilliant beacons of spectacular color spread 24" to add an element of drama to a perennial garden, bed or border. The 2" ruffled double crepe-like flowers appear in late spring and continue to bloom all summer long! Tight buds cut in early morning are longer lasting when used in arrangements. Sear the cut end of the stem before placing it in water. Stunning when massed in the garden. Fall and Spring are best for directly sowing into the garden. Will flower the first year from an early Spring sowing. Most poppies are very easy to grow. They are a favorite of gardeners in every state for rock gardens, flower beds, containers, and most anyplace that you want color. Since poppies are self-sowing, if you allow them to go to seed you may only need to plant them once. With so many stunning poppy varieties available today, anyone can indulge a passion for poppies by starting a collection or adding to an existing one. I heartily recommend it.

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That Summer

That Summer

That summer, the red may and the white may made
Glorious the garden wall, and the bees burdened
The golden air with their carrying, till it hung
Heavy, a canopy over our heads
As we lay on the lawn and dreamed our way
Through jungles of tangled marrow shoots.
Foxgloves and campanulas swayed in the borders
And God bloomed over all, a benevolent sun.
Only the doves, like feathered augurs
Brooding in thatch, suspected time.

That year, snow came in April and again
In May, and the pony died in his harness;
But in summer, under the whitewashed trees,
A girl in a white dress gave me an apple.
I fitted my teeth in the marks her teeth
Had made; so we were one. Then dusk
Moved slowly among the trees like a blue
Smoke at night, and I cried that joy
Could come so easily, for then I knew
It must break with as little warning.
— Henry Treece

(Shot out in the back yard, straight up into the sky, with curves altered just a bit in Photoshop to blow out the sky, which was already flat and neutral.)

Flower Angel

Flower Angel

My neighbors have this angel on their corner and surround it with beautiful flowers that seemingly bloom all spring and summer long. Sunflowers are now starting to grow..

flower that bloom all summer

flower that bloom all summer

Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a prolific writer and yet, with the exception of four poems in a limited regional volume, her poems were never published during her lifetime. It was indeed fortunate that her sister discovered the poems—all loosely bound in bundles—shortly after Dickinson died.
Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson is the complete collection of the first three volumes of poetry published posthumously in 1890, 1891, and 1896 by editors Mary Loomis Todd and Thomas Wentworth Higginson. The volumes were all received with high acclaim and contain some of her best-known poems. It was in the twentieth century, however, that Dickinson was finally recognized as one of the great poets and, without dispute, the most popular.
The name Emily Dickinson is a legend now, but she never had the opportunity to taste the wine of success and fame in her lifetime. In fact, if there was any legendary status she received in her life, it was not for poetry but for the way she lived her life. She received local notoriety in her native town of Amherst, Massachusetts, as an eccentric recluse who, with few exceptions, would never set foot outside her house. Yet, as her poetry will attest, she had a keen insight of life, love, nature, and death and seemed to be content with her station in life.
Reading through the poems in Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson, you will see that she was indeed a woman of independence and spirit, a poet that lives today in our hearts and minds.

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